Juwel Riesling 2017

Step aside Keller, make room for Eller! I’m sure most of you are familiar with the prestigious Rheinhessen producer, Weingut Keller, but perhaps not so much with the name Juliane Eller, winemaker of JuWel Wines. If not, this needs to change.

Juliane Eller, a strong-minded, passionate young winemaker – one of the rising stars of Rheinhessen, initially had no intention what so ever to get into winemaking and was eventually convinced by her father at a very young age to do an internship with Weingut Keller. During this time, Riesling king, Klaus-Peter Keller, took Juliane under his wing and as a result, she flourished, returning home to the family estate at still such a very young age of 23, but with an abundance of knowledge and a clear direction of exactly where she needed to be and what she needed to do next.

Juliane quite quickly took over and turned the winery on its head, transforming what was a mass-produced business into a much smaller, more definitive and artful producer with far less yields and varieties, but a precise focus on quality over quantity. The vineyard was converted to organic farming, they changed from machine-harvest to hand-picking, and reduced the number of grape varieties grown from 25 (I know!) to just 5, focusing on the varieties that are best suited to the site and climate.

Juliane became the face of ‘Generation Riesling’ – an organization created by the German Wine Institute which aims to modernise Riesling and see its evolution for the future. Juliane is at the front of it, driving the transformation of German Riesling into an exciting new era and the people are loving it! As are we.
We have been supporting JuWel from day one and believe Juliane is truly one of the most gifted winemakers out there and one to look out for in the future.

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