La Chantemerle Chablis Offer 2019

The eccentric François Boudin directs this 16 ha domaine. The approach here is serious with 100% manual harvesting, no commercial yeasts, no wood and a light filtration. BURGHOUND

The artisan tradition in Chablis is alive and well at Chantemerle, Francois Boudin’s small estate in La Chapelle. I have long admired these mostly stripped down wines for their direct expressions of place. ANTONIO GALLONI

I think the wines of Francois Boudin’s domaine La Chantemerle need little or no introduction to our customers. The arrival of these wines every year seems to cause a good degree of excitement among their many fans. There are a few things that I think set Bodin’s Chablis apart from the crowd.
Firstly the man has been a stalwart of traditionally made wines for a very long time, this has seen him fall out of favour with consumers at times, his unwavering dedication to his style was not always popular but today is very much in fashion again as drinkers search out these pristine examples that exemplify the uniquely special terroir of the region. The wines of Chantemerle see no wood, everything here is raised in concrete to preserve the inherent Chabliness, and are given every opportunity to tell the story of their vineyards and the season.

Secondly they remain bargains in the context of both Chablis and great wine the world over. While many producers in the region, old and a large number of new, continue to raise their prices, riding on the wave of the growing popularity of the wines globally, Francois hasn’t budged in many years putting his Fourchaume in line with many producers Village wines and his AC wine is inexpensive enough that it should make some producers blush.