Loire Saturday tasting SYDNEY 2018

The wine growing region of Loire was established in the first century when the Roman’s defeated the Gaul’s. What they found was a region that was very fruitful and with a myriad of different soil types, elevation and small pockets formed by the hugging banks of the 1000km long river. As Loire is such a big and diverse growing region, it finds home to many different grape varieties and it is home to an astonishing 4000 wineries.

The Loire valley has always been a place for wine lovers to find (relative) bargains, especially compared to it’s more famed cousins such as Bordeaux and Burgundy.
Loire is considered a cool climate region and as such the grape varieties we find growing there with great success are Muscadet, Chenin, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc amongst others.

Please join us at PWS Sydney on Saturday 12-3PM for this Free In-Store tasting to taste through some of the best wines that Loire has to offer including wines from up-and-coming star, Xavier Weisskopf and Chenin Superstars, Francois Chidaine and Huet.

The Team at PWS Sydney