Roederer 2012: Cristal, Rose, Brut Nature - Newly Available

The 2012 vintage gave us the very best material: juicy, concentrated grapes with unusual levels of maturity resulting in rich, full-bodied wines worthy of the greatest vintages in Champagne. JEAN-BAPTISTE LECAILLON, Louis Roederer

“I don’t exactly know what is important in biodynamic farming as it is just a tool in the middle of a much bigger picture,” Lécaillon clarifies. “Behind the project of biodynamic farming there is the return to craftsmanship and stewardship of the land that is very exciting and motivating. It’s all about the small details that transform farming into a true and timeless art. ESHA CHHABRA, Forbes Magazine

Drinks International has named Louis Roederer as the World’s Most Admired Champagne Brand in 2020. New allocation of the 2012 vintage has just hit Prince Wine Store. Stock is very limited and will move quickly.

This is a vintage that deserves your attention for a couple of reasons: 1) Wine critics are raving about 2012 in Champagne and 2) this vintage marks the very first Roederer products on the market to be certified 100% biodynamiclly.

Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon, Chef de Cave at Louis Roederer, has been working towards the 2012 release since the year 2000. He is a man that believes terroir would be nothing without man; Man is what makes the terroir sing. He is incredibly impressive and I have loved diving into the House’s rich history to learn more about Roederer and Lecaillon’s role over the last 40 years.

William Kelly, of Robert Parker’s: The Wine Advocate, published a fantastic write-up in early March about Louis Roederer and their long History. I’ve include an excerpt here:

“Is Louis Roederer today the greatest of Champagne’s Grandes Marques? Certainly, the quality of wines that chef des caves Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon and his team are releasing, as well as the house’s unparalleled commitment to organic and biodynamic farming, give Roederer a strong claim to status as the region’s leader. Indeed, it would be fair to say that Roederer is two decades ahead of many of their rivals. At the time of writing, many of Champagne’s most celebrated prestige cuvées are still produced from vineyards that are systematically treated with herbicides, but early this year, Roederer released the first vintage of Cristal produced entirely from organically farmed fruit—a contrast that could hardly be starker. And although this is in itself admirable, Lecaillon stresses that the high-profile viticultural revolution over which he has presided has been carried out in the name of producing better wines—what he likes to call ‘the pursuit of taste’.” WILLIAM KELLY, The Wine Advocate.

Along with the 2012 Cristal and Cristal Rose offerings today there is one you may not be so familiar with: the Philippe Starck Brut Nature, which has only seen three vintages, is a joint effort between Roederer CEO Frédéric Rouzaud and Starck, a legendary interior designer, best known for his singular furniture creations. Lécaillon has been quoted as saying that with this new cuvee he wanted a different style of wine for Roderer, one that was perhaps the most modern. The grapes are all picked on the same day and then co-fermented, making this a very lavish field-blend. Zero dosage, 20% Chardonnay, 55% Pinot Noir, and 25% Pinot Munier.

Please note there are two options for the Cristal (Boxed and Unboxed) and the Rose is only offered Boxed. Allocations are very limited. I recommend getting your orders in now to avoid any disappointment. 

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