Malbec & Meats Saturday Tasting

Malbec is a conundrum.  It has long been a blending grape all over southwest France, including Bordeaux, but the dominant grape only in Cahors where, known as Auxerrois or Cot, it has typically made rustic, sometimes rather animal wines suitable for only medium term ageing.  Emigres took it to Argentina, where in Mendoza it was so clearly at home that it became the country’s most planted red grape and makes gloriously velvety, concentrated, lively wines, high in alcohol and extract.  It thrives particularly in Mendoza’s Lujan de Cuyo district.  HUGH JOHNSON and JANCIS ROBINSON, THE WORLD ATLAS OF WINE

Malbec is a grape which in it's early days was often overlooked and made mainly for blending purposes - is now all the rage, particularly in western countries such as Argentina and Australia. Indeed, it was Argentina that resurrected the grape and turned it's image upside down becoming one of the most demanded grape varieties in the world. What is so incredible about this grape is it's versitility - it plays such a vital role in red Bordeaux - from table wine all the way through to Grand Crus. In Argentina it sees both traditional, european, age-worthy styles but also the more modern, fresh, ready-now kind of wines and more recently has become quite popular in Australia with a more modern fruit-driven approach.

There's no doubt that Argentina has claimed the grape as their champion variety, however, we wanted to demonstrate the many variations of Malbec from different regions around the world, as we think it deserves to be recognised as a grape of determination and charisma, one that has proven it's capabilities and strengths in different soils, climates, and terroirs.

In light of our Malbec & Meats tasting in Sydney, we are offering these wines at great prices for a limited time only.
Thanks from the team at PWS