Marcoux 2016 Offer

Sisters Catherine Armenier and Sophie Estevinen, along with Estevinen’s son Vincent, produced what might be the finest wines of the appellation in 2016. They are definitely on my very short list of the vintage’s superstars and should be at the top of every Châteauneuf lover’s shopping list. The Vieilles Vignes bottling, in particular, was a standout for me this spring. Raised entirely in concrete and sourced from Grenache vines that range from 98 to 110 years of age, it’s a wine that will deliver immense pleasure soon after release and, based on my experience with older vintages, never really close up. Unfortunately, it’s rare and, predictably, expensive, but the “basic” Châteauneuf 2016 measures up favorable with plenty of domaines reserve bottlings, making it a truly outstanding value. JOSH RAYNOLDS, Vinous

The growing season was warm during the day, but cool at night, with an unusually large diurnal swing, leading to slow, even ripening across all varietals while maintaining acidity. Reds are laden with fruit, yet extremely racy and fresh in feel. A truly rare vintage (99) THE WINE SPECTACTOR

Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2016 red wines have a ‘remarkable density of ripe tannins’ and are, unsurprisingly, among the standard bearers for one of the best Southern Rhône vintages in recent memory. DECANTER MAGAZINE

I know sometimes I sound like a broken record with these things but Marcoux sits right on top of the tree in the South along with Charvin, Clos des Papes, Rayas and at times Henri Bonneau. The wines are first and foremost made in the vineyard. By this I mean they are sourced from exceptionally old vines and tended to with an attention to detail bordering on fanaticism and an adherence to biodynamic principles. In the winery the Armenier sisters keep things very simple with an aim to produce wines without evident artifice and they seek purity and regional expression above all else.

If you are a fan of the region then the 2016s from this reference point producer should not be missed. It is also worth pointing out that the Vieilles Vignes is only released in great vintages and 2016 is one of the greatest in recent times.

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