Markus Molitor 2017 Riesling Offer

In 2017, Markus Molitor has handcrafted another amazing, breathtaking series of Rieslings. Molitor’s 2017s…. are crystal clear, precise, lean, fresh, elegant and light-footed yet intense and concentrated and provided with acidity that is sharp as a laser beam. Even most of the Auslesen were fermented without any hints of botrytis. As you will see, it’s hard to recommend specific wines—too many are simply terrific, across all categories from dry to sweet. I tend to repeat myself, but 2017 is probably Molitor’s most stellar vintage so far for both Riesling and Pinot Blanc. STEPHAN REINHARDT, Wine Advocate

Shine on you crazy diamonds: the top wines of the erratic 2017 vintage in Germany are dazzling STUART PIGOTT

Markus Molitor, along with a very small few compatriots, produces the most electrifying examples of Riesling in the Mosel. The wines from this estate have ranked among the best of the best in any given year in recent times and the 2017s seem to carry an incredible, youthful energy to them, wines of such wonderfully purity of expression that demonstrate their individual terroirs and the brilliant season with heartbreaking clarity. Each example I tasted seems chiselled from the stone and soil they were grown in such is the precision of which the sites sing through. I haven’t had a chance to taste the full range but the few I did taste were enough to seriously excite me about this release from Molitor.

While I have a group of German producers who rank among my favourite wineries anywhere on this little blue planet and I am a staunch fan of these guys the wines of Molitor are edging their way in to my top handful and edging in front of some of Riesling’s stalwarts. They are everything you could ask for in this style and more.

If you love Riesling then these are not to be missed. Simply put they are remarkable. Do not miss them!

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