Mauro Veglio 2015 Pre Arrival Offer

The full capability of the nebbiolo grape’s expressive nature is alive in Barolo 2015 and it is a vintage to really celebrate. In general, the wines are exuberantly fragrant and show fresh clear fruit on the nose with abundant aromatic complexity. Structurally they are rich in ripe, fine and powerful tannins. They are toned, muscular and athletic, coupled with freshness, a keen sense of focus, great length, and an astute balance.
These wines also have the great fortune of offering instant appeal as well as more in-depth attraction, which is the hallmark of a truly great vintage. These wines will satisfy both the experienced palate and educated connoisseur. They are also very expressive and show strong typicity by communes and also single vineyards. But if there was one attribute to single out, it is the way in which these wines combine power with elegance. They are thrilling to taste. JAMES SUCKLING

An exceptional vintage thanks to healthy grapes and exceptionally regular bunches. A very cold winter with plenty of snow and a protracted cool and rainy spring replenished the water tables, much needed during a July. The vintage shows great promise. JANCIS ROBINSON MW

These 2015 Barolos from Mauro and Daniela Veglio are quite attractive. It will be interesting to see how things develop as Mauro’s nephew, Alessandro, takes on a greater role. What I have tasted so far is both intriguing and highly promising for the future. ANTONIO GALLONI

Mauro and Daniela’s property in La Morra sits atop the Arborina vineyard with one of the better views in the town where they share a courtyard with his their mentors and close friends the Altare family of Elio Altare fame. The wines are built around a presence of richness and texture which, along with the heady aromatics and wonderful high toned florals that are the tell tale signs of their native La Morra, make for wonderful mid term appeal. This is not to say the wines don’t age gracefully and well, they most certainly have proven to do just that.

Long term fans of these gorgeously sumptuous Baroli will be well familiar with the style and the story. However that is not all there is to wines of Veglio. The soft spoken pair have recently brought their nephew in to the fold who comes with his own vineyards and a new enthusiasm. As Galloni hints at their has been a few little changes at the estate and it feels as though the wines have found a new gear, not a change in style or a departure from what has made this estate so well loved by its fans. It is in the small details: a touch more nuance here. A little more fruit weight there. A notch more energy. I am not certain if this is the inclusion of new material from Alessandro’s vineyards or if he has tightened up some practices. Whatever it is the wines that I have loved for many years are now seemingly even better.

The shipment of Veglio is due to arrive at the end of April. The prices offered are for pre arrival orders and we will let you know as soon as the wines are ready to collect.