Mind Spirits and Co. Australian Negroni

Arturo an ex Chef and his business partner Mikael Gillard (ex Cerbaco Spirit distribution) decided a couple of years ago to venture out on a search for quality producers of artisanal and craft spirits/beverages here in Australia and in France. The modus operandi was simple: Offer the best selection of artisanal beverages the best and most exclusive spirits. What was born of this was the Mind Spirits Co. offering up a selection intriguing and unique spirits and beverages from Australia and France. They are all hand selected and sourced and have one thing in common: quality. The boys have close working relationships with all the producers and spent several years traveling both their home and adopted lands to bring a selection of tasty beverages.

This is part one in a series focusing on the fantastic range of drinks that Mind Spirits Co is featuring. What better way to kick it off then with summery Negroni.