Mount Mary 2017 New Releases


Superbly refined, elegant and intense Cabernets and usually outstanding and long-lived Pinot Noirs fully justify Mount Mary’s exalted reputation. The determination of the family to continue the business is simply wonderful. JAMES HALLIDAY, The Wine Companion

Sam Middleton, who I feel is leading this grand estate to new heights. GARY WALSH, The Wine Front

The Mount Mary wines have never looked better. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front

A recent visit up to Mt Mary to taste through the components of the soon to be released 17s was quite the experience. Firstly quality is outstanding, but that is to be expected here, but what was really interesting was actually looking at the constituents of some of my favourite Australian wines and then see them in their (approximate) final blend.

I don’t think these wines need an introduction any more but I will say that the 17s are a gorgeous bracket. The Triolet is intense and focused. The Chardonnay is stylish and sophisticated. The Pinot is gorgeously and highly nuanced. The big gun, the Quintet is a classic from Sam, one of those wines that you taste and you know immediately where it is from and where it is going. Sam was a little less reserved than usual about this release dropping casual comments about just how highly he regarded the 17s. We agree.


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