Neudorf Rosies Block Chardonnay 2016

Neudorf has a superb reputation for some of Nelson and New Zealand’s best Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs. The high quality of the other varietals and styles puts this small Upper Moutere producer into contention for the honour of being one of the best wineries of the country. RAYMOND CHAN

When grapes are turned into wine by winemakers as talented as Tim Finn, the results can be spectacular. His Chardonnay would fool many into thinking it was a fine, white Burgundy. JANCIS ROBINSON MW

Neudorf is a model vineyard. The setting is idyllic and the Neudorf Chardonnay has long been one of New Zealand’s greatest white wines. MICHAEL COOPER, Wine Atlas of New Zealand

In my mind there are two truly great producers of chardonnay in NZ, Kumeu and Neudorf. Stylistically they are quite different. Neudorf tends towards that more savoury, struck match, solids character (which I guess is why you see a lot of comparisons with Meursault drawn, something I do not like to do but I definitely see why you might in this case) but the other wonderful thing that always shines through with their wines is the reflection of site which is strong in all the Neudorf offerings and that, for me, is the most exciting thing about wine in general.

I think NZ Chard is currently beginning its journey to self discovery much like the Australians did ten or fifteen years back and there are some really exciting wines being released but the thing is Neudorf was so far ahead of the curve that now they are settled in to the enviable position of being truly iconic in their home land, and they should be here as well.

The Rosie’s Vineyard represents their middle tier and in my mind the wine that always over delivers on style and quality for the price point. The 2016 shows all the hallmarks of the style, a deft touch of winemaking backed up by some really serious fruit. For those not already familiar with these guys you really should get on board and this is the perfect way to start, it’s some classy juice.

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