New Californian Arrivals 2018

The best 2015s are exotic, viscerally thrilling wines endowed with phenomenal purity, depth and intensity. ANTONIO GALLONI

Call it a resurgence, a renaissance or a coming of age! The facts are that California and Sonoma in particular has never been so vibrant, diverse and riven with exciting producers and wines. They call it the “New California”; an antidote to the rampant commercialism and caricature styles of the past. Wines that are connected to a place and are made by passionate and talented artisans. In addition they’ve slipped the boundaries of the usual sub-zones and headed North to Mendocino and out to the coastal fringe. In the process new and exciting terroirs are being explored and contributing to an ever-changing view of what we thought we knew about Northern California.

This small offer is one of our most exciting every year. It focuses in on three of the region’s most exciting and highly acclaimed producers of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah. Littorai, Peay Vineyards and NEW TO Australia DuMol. The wines form these three producers are considered benchmarks an thier wines in some cases virtually unattainable. In his recent wrap-up of Sonoma 2015s, Antonio Galloni wrote of the three producers:

This year’s release are the very best wines I have ever tasted from the Peay family.
Andy Smith is more energized than I have ever seen him now that he is focused exclusively on DuMol. These new releases are absolutely brilliant.
Ted Lemon has been making pedigreed wines for so long it is easy to take him for granted. Don’t.

There is precious little wine from any one of the producers so please be quick if you wish to grab a few bottles.


Michael McNamara