New Cavallotto Barolo Release 2019

The Cavallotto family purchased this beautiful hilltop property in Castiglione Falletto back in 1928. The manor house sits proudly with stunning views of the Langhe hillsides. The family would later be among the first to make officially registered Barolo in 1948. That long-term vision gives this winery important farming and technical experiences that touch many generations. As a result, Cavallotto is in a unique position to offer the consumer some of the most authentic and true Barolos on the market today. MONICA LARNER

Cavallotto may very well be the greatest Barolo producer few people have ever heard of, something that continues to mystify me.

The Cavallotto brothers march to the beat of their own drum. The estate’s two Riserve are among the most exciting wines being made in Barolo. Because they are bottled much later than most other wines of the same vintage, the Riserve can get lost in the shuffle when they finally make it to the market. ANTONIO GALLONI

Cavallotto has been up the top of my hit list for quite some time when it comes to Barolo. I was introduced to these wines back when I was studying and have followed their releases since. The traditionalists are where a lot of Barolo fans end up finding the most joy and there are not many producers who deliver such perfectly pitched examples as are regularly released from this estate.

The wines are made in the most traditional way, long macerations, aged in old and very large format Slovenian wood. The Riserva wines are matured in cask for years before bottling but the fruit always remains pure, often deeply pitched and they can come across as almost brooding if opened young. Given time in the bottle for the wines to evolve properly they can deliver stunningly beautiful expressions of Castiglione but they do require that time to really show their best. When they are at their peak Cavallotto are riveting, viscerally exciting and super expressive wines.

There really isn’t much of these to go around, we have only 18 bottles of each of the two Riserva and a mere 48 bottles of the 2015 Bricco Boschis. In recent years Cavallotto has begun to garner the attention that is justly deserves and have a very good following here now.

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