New Frankland Estate Riesling Release 2019

One of Australia’s elite Riesling producers, Frankland Estate produces small quantities of vibrant, mineral-drenched wines that are often difficult to track down in export markets owing to stiff demand from the home market. The wines age effortlessly, as numerous bottles with a decade or more on them have proven to me on numerous occasions. JOSH RAYNOLDS, Vinous

Visits to Great Southern and time spent with winemakers Hunter Smith and Brian Kent and viticulturist Elizabeth Smith have cemented my opinion Frankland Estate is one of Australia’s greatest wine producers with a thirst for excellence. Frankland Estate is to be revered and celebrated in equal measure. Quietly going about its work, it continues to delight and surprise. MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front 

There are only a few producers of white wine in oz that I regard in the same league as Frankland Estate. The work that Hunter Smith and his family have done in his vineyards and winery in this very remote part of South West Western Australia is nothing short of phenomenal and Frankland Estate is now one of this country’s greatest producers of Riesling.

Hunter is something of a Riesling academic. He regularly visits the worlds prominent Riesling regions and tastes extensively every year. This kind of understanding of his chosen variety and his assiduous dedication to his sites and his craft results in wines that are equally impressive for their pristine nature and their ability to carry the imprint of their individual sites with razor sharp clarity. There has been some tweaks over the years as he has gained an understanding of the wines he is producing and today they are riveting examples of Australian Riesling that have a proven track record to age gracefully and gain nuance and detail with time in the bottle.

As is our custom here we like to taste these wines with Hunter each year and then offer them to our customers at the first opportunity and always with a degree of honest enthusiasm. The 2018s are predictably superb, they are a little less nervy than last years but not from a lack of acidity but rather there seems to be a little more flash on the bone. Like all great releases from this estate they have a buoyant and lively feel but also have a sense of precision, and make no mistakes this is a great release of Frankland Estate. As super Riesling nerd Patrick Walsh put it “The 2018 Isolation is in my view as good a Riesling as they have ever made. Which in turn makes it as good a Riesling as has ever been made in Australia.” I think I agree and the Poison Hill equals the quality but is perhaps a little more approachable now, but it always is but that is simply a product of the site and the heavy clay content in the vineyard which lend the wine a degree more upfront fruit and early pleasure while the
Isolation is built around pure energy.

Apologies for the long winded spiel but I do tend to rant when I am talking about Riesling of this class.