New Release of Weinbach 2017

I visit a lot of wine estates, but this is one visit I will remember for a long time. Weinbach, based in Kientzheim, is one of the star domaines of Alsace. JAMIE GOODE,

With the Grand Cru Schlossberg Cuvée Ste-Catherine in my glass, for a moment I become lost in the memories of earlier vintages poured in this room… then we taste back though some of those earlier vintages, and I find the wines acquire a filigree with age, which makes their beauty seem timeless. STUART PIGOTT, Best White Wine on Earth

Domaine Weinbach is arguably one of the world’s greatest wine estates. Over the years, the Faller family has produced myriad fantastic wines that are sought by wine lovers and collectors everywhere. That consistent track record has shed light on Alsace’s many delicious, age-worthy and memorable white wines. Quality is so high across the board at Weinbach that it is hard to choose a single “best” wine. IAN D’AGATA, Vinous Media

There is absolutely no doubt that the wines of Domaine Weinbach deserve the praise they regularly receive from all and sundry. They have very few rivals in Alsace when it comes to their Riesling and Gewurtz offerings and the Pinot Blanc Reserve is a staple here at PWS. These are wines built in the vineyard and then carefully nurtured to their fullest potential in the cellars. I can think of few Rieslings outside of Germany I would rather drink more than one made here and their Gewurtz is, for me, often as good as it gets and tend towards a more refined expression of this exotic varietal. We tasted through some of the new releases recently and instantly decided that we had to share these beauties with our customers, they are just that good.

We are stoked to be able to pour these wines again in Essendon for the second year running and hope you can make it down to taste these thrilling wines.