New South Wales - New Wave

Some may be surprised to learn that New South Wales is the second largest wine producing state in Australia. This fact doesn’t seem to be reflected in the wine-nerd dialogue, however there’s a whole raft of dynamic producers out there striving to catapult the states 16 wine regions to the fore front of our cellars. This Saturday we will be opening up wines from two such producers who we feel embody the New Wave of this fine state.

Vinden Estate is from the Hunter Valley, Australia’s oldest continuous wine region and amongst the worlds most iconic Semillon terroirs. Here the charismatic young Angus Vinden has taken charge of his family estate winemaking balancing the old school Estate labels with his more progressive Headcase range. He has been selected in the top 50 winemakers for the Young Guns of Wines award this year, of which we wish him the best of success.