Novum New Zealand

Novum is a labour of love by husband and wife team William Hoare & Rachel Jackson-Hoare where they source grapes from the best parcels in Marlborough to craft small batch, character driven wines.

Will grew up in Marlborough, his parents were entrepreneurial grape growers, establishing vineyards in the seventies to supply quality fruit to Cloudy Bay.   Naturally this connection proved strong enough for a young man to find work in the wine industry but not strong enough to let him in the cellar.  He ended up working the press for a year before then winemaker James Healey invited Will down to work alongside him. Some years passed with vintages at America’s Au Bon Climat, Will then moved to Fromm Winery where he took up a job as a Cellarhand.  At that time Fromm was one of the few local wineries promoting organic farming, single sites and overall vineyard health for quality wines.

19 years after Will started, he would depart Fromm as their General Manager, with a broad and deep knowledge of the regions vineyards, the best sites and their owners.   Priceless relationships that would lay the foundation for Novum. In true Burgundian ethos, Will & Rachel see their jobs as winemakers is to ‘raise’ the wine.  Guiding them with plenty of observation and minimal intervention.

There’s something timeless about the wines from this new tiny Marlborough micro-winery.  They offer lots of pleasure in the glass; texture, fruit and precision. None of it gratuitous. I recommend them unwaveringly. DAVID