Oakridge 2017 864 Pre Release

Winemaker and CEO David Bicknell has proved his worth time and again as an extremely talented winemaker. At the top of the Oakridge brand tier is 864, all Yarra Valley vineyard selections, only released in the best years JAMES HALLIDAY

Any discussion of the exalted state of Australian chardonnay today will include Dave Bicknell. Oakridge 864 chardonnays are among the best in the land as well as being at the stylistic cutting edge. HUON HOOKE, Gourmet Traveller Wine

This email is going to sound a little over the top and I am sorry in advance but everything here are my honest thoughts. I have said, a large number of times and over a number of years, Dave Bicknell (2017 Australian Wine Maker of the Year) makes this Country’s best Chardonnay. That is big call numero uno and I stand by it. Looking back over the last 5-10 years one or more of his Chards are always in my top picks for the year and have been the top pick for the year on a number of occasions. Only a small handful of other producers make such consistently brilliant examples every year and one of them used to work for the guy #schoolofbicknell

He makes a number of single site Chardonnay with the jewel in the illustrious crown being his 864 Funder and Diamond Vineyard, the bottling I often refer to as the best example in Oz. This is the best vintage of this wine to date! That is the second big call and it is a whopper when you take a look at the track record for 864 Chardonnay.

The third big statement, the man can grow the most magnificent beard you could possibly hope for. I mean we are talking old school lumberjack meets Santa or perhaps retiring pirate level. Does this help him make better Chardonnay, I certainly like to think so.

Now, the wine will do its own work in convincing you of how good it is but for that to happen you need to have some to drink. I genuinely can’t stress enough how good this wine is. The 2017 is due to be released in early September and we are offering it pre-arrival with more than 20% off on a straight six pack.