Ogier La Rosine 2017 Offer

Over the last decade or so, Stephane Ogier has raised the bar in just about every way possible for his estate in Côte Rôtie. Today, the estate is unquestionably in the top handful of domaines in the Rhône Valley. JEB DUNNUCK, The Wine Advocate

Stephane Ogier has moved completely away from the use of barriques to demi-muids and foudres for raising his wines. He told me that he has no interest in oak “having any influence on the wines. Oak is a common denominator” he told me. “I want the wines to be as expressive as possible of their origin and too much new wood has a real way of masking that.”
The wines, he thinks, are very deep and powerful, “with lots of dark fruit character” and he added that they’ll be pleasurable on the early side, with the ability but not the requirement to age. JOSH RAYNOLDS

For many of you receiving this order you will remember that early this year we “re-offered” the 2016 La Rosine after some reviews were published. You may also have been in the unfortunate position to have missed out on the wine as it sold out in under 24 hours. In the case of those who did manage to secure some I genuinely don’t remember an offer in recent years where we have had as many of you contacting us later asking for more. The response was huge and the follow up genuinely great to see.

Stephane Ogier is one of the greatest producers of Syrah anywhere on the planet. His wines have garnered a humungous reputation globally now and everything he crafts is of the highest quality. While his top tier Cote Rotie bottlings may be the most sought after we have long said this is the cornerstone of the estates reputation. If you are not familiar with the wine, the fruit comes from a plot just outside of the southern limit of Cote Rotie and just before Condrieu. It is prime territory and we often refer to La Rosine as being Cote Rotie in all but name, that certainly holds true for the 2017 which is an absolute belter and offers, we think, some of the best value drinking you could hope to find anywhere. Tasting it at the estate last year was one of the highlights of the extensive session looking at Stephane’s wines.

The wine is just about to land and we are offering it at the same discount as we did last year, 35% off in dozen packs. You really can’t go past this for quality and value.