Our Mates Tasting 2018

There is no way around this, it’s a shameless plug for our mate’s wines. Now we need to qualify something here, we don’t hang around people who don’t make great wine, its just not our style. This tasting will consist of a few producers who we haven’t had an opportunity to put on tasting yet this year or, in the case of a couple of them ever, all are people we think are making sensational wines and who we also wouldn’t mind having a beer or four with.

Honestly the line up is terrific, there is some old favourites here like the dynamic duo of Mark Walpole and Adrian Rodda. For those not familiar with the story Mark and Adrian work side by side in their ventures with Mark (widely regarded as the most important viticulturalist in Victoria which was backed up by the prestigious Gourmet Wine Magazine Viticulturalist of the year in 2017) heading up the vineyards and Adrian (we think one of the most talented young winemakers in Oz, and I think it’s a generally held consensus these days) making the wines. In all sincerity it’s a deadly combo and the wines are brilliant.

We have Sierra Milne of Reed wines with her new releases. Sierra’s story is crazy, she fell in love with booze after co hosting a travel who on TV in NZ. Since then has dedicated her time to mastering her craft and has worked in some of the greatest estates on the planet. She’s a gun (and a good mate) and the quality of her wines speak for themselves.

Chris Coulter and I went through Uni together where I taught him everything new knows…. Coulter has established a brand in the Adelaide Hills where he has been making cracking juice for a few years. These are sumptuous and immaculately fruited wines that always seem to vanish when the bottles get opened, no higher compliment can be paid to a wine than when the bottle is finished you wonder to yourself “where did it all go”.

Dominique Portet may not be a new name to most drinkers in Victoria but Dom’s son Ben is a top bloke and in recent years has really taken more of a hand in the wine making of his family’s property and today we think the offerings are better than ever.

Matt Harrop is a Kiwi….. now, if we put that aside he is also a legend and while he is an established name in the industry for his work at Shadowfax and now as head wine maker at Curly Flat we love his side projects, Silent Way and Amen Break. Matt has contributed to a few hazy mornings for a couple of us here at PWS HQ. If you haven’t tried his wines in the past you really should.

Combined we all have a lot of friends in the trade who make booze so if someone isn’t on the list who thinks they should be it is either because we have already promoted your wine or are planning to. However if you feel we have neglected you here please forward all complaints to Michael.

Michael, Alex, Roscoe, Myles, Seb and the team at PWS HQ