Paradigm Hill 2018 Pinot Offer

Dr George Mihaly (with a background in medical research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries) and wife Ruth (a former chef and caterer) realised a 30-year dream of establishing their own vineyard and winery, abandoning their previous careers to do so. George had all the necessary scientific qualifications, and built on those by making the 2001 Merricks Creek wines, moving to home base at Paradigm Hill in ’02, all along receiving guidance and advice from Nat White of Main Ridge Estate. JAMES HALLIDAY

Both wines are from the delicious and very approachable 2018 vintage… A perfect growing season that also gifted the wines with a fine line of acid that will help support the wine as it ages graciously over many years. GEORGE MIHALY

The Mornington Peninsula had a vintage set to show special quality and quantity – the best for the past 30 years, comparable to 2004 JAMES HALLIDAY

This is one of the more enjoyable offers I have been able to write for a little while now. George and his wife Ruth are two of the wine industry’s best people and that is in an industry full of great humans. While I now call him friend I got to know the man because, on the advice of Mornington wine guru Nat White of Main Ridge fame, I went to pay Paradigm Hill a visit seemingly a life time ago. Nat had been helping George set up his estate for a while and mentoring him through the subtleties of what it takes to craft majestic Pinot, advice that no one else in the region was more qualified to give than Nat. That advice built on George’s extensive scientific understanding and laid the foundations for the in depth knowledge of winemaking he now has.

Over the years that I have been visiting and tasting the wines of Paradigm Hill they have grown in stature and depth as the vines have matured and, perhaps, the winemaker has garnered more of a feeling for the individual patches of land he works with. His style is very reminiscent of his mentor’s but the sites are so different and so are the resulting wines.

If you haven’t seen an offer for these wines from us before that is because usually the tiny allocations are gobbled up by long term fans and the vast majority of their wines ends up in Australia’s top restaurants with the likes of Attica taking a large share for their matched menu. It isn’t often we have enough to offer out so this is quite exciting.

The style of Paradigm Hill is one of soaring aromatics, sumptuous fruit and a fine structure which allows the wines to age gracefully over years. George and Ruth manage to find a way to coax out a degree of detail and nuance that eludes many others and their wines are often among the very best examples from Mornington in any given year. Wines of grace and poise.

You won’t hear it from the ever humble couple but I regard this as one of the treasures of Mornington. As Halliday points out, this is one of the best vintages ever for Pinot in Mornington. It is a bit of a “all the stars aligned” kind of situation.

As to the wines on offer. George makes three Pinot these days, along with miniscule amounts of a couple of other varieties. One is a new member to the family, the Adesso, which sees no SO2 additions early on. This practice allows the more chalky tannins of MV6 clone grown here to assert themselves and the fruit to build a different weight and texture. George describes it as showing “more robustness, assertiveness and fuller body on the palate” that is certainly true from what I can see considering the only difference is the lack of sulphur during its elevage.

L’ami sage is the flagship here. This is the wine that has established Paradigm Hill’s reputation. Gloriously perfumed and super seductive this is the kind of wine that draws Pinot fans to Mornington. It’s a slick package with all the bits in the right place. I think it needs a little time to really show you what it has in stall but right now that perfume, spice and lacy fruit is just so attractive. He uses the descriptor “enveloping silky tannins” when talking about the phenolics in this wine, that resonates with me. They are sweet and while evident they melt in to the fruit seamlessly. I think that may be the term for the overall sense of this wine, seamless.

If you haven’t tried these before then now is the time. Great producer. Great vintage. Great wines and with the 20% discount in six packs they are also great value for wines of this calibre.