Paradise IV Dardel 2016

The former Moorabool Estate has been renamed Paradise IV for the very good reason that it is the site of the original Paradise IV Vineyard, planted in 1848 by Swiss vigneron Jean- Henri Dardel. JAMES HALLIDAY

Doug Neal and Ruth and Graham Bonney have transformed the rebirth of what began as Moorabool Estate into one of the most inspiring labels in Victorian wine: Paradise IV. The wines are rustic, unashamedly reductive and deliciously complex, delivering a line of purity and elegance before a finish of length and refinement. They will help to redefine Australian shiraz into the next decade and beyond. JEREMY OLIVER

Time to add Paradise IV to the list of top Geelong producers. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front

Anyone who has been shopping at PWS for a while will be aware of this winery and in particular the Dardel. Doug Neal must be one of Victoria’s greatest producers of Shiraz, his Cab and Chardonnay are sensational as well, and in recent years has cemented his position at the top of the tree with a series of releases that have been nothing short of superb. His time working closely with Rick at Giaconda has instilled in him the understanding of what it really does take to consistently craft wines at this level and stylistically you can see the theme between the two. Paradise IV deserves to be regarded as a cult Australian producer and his 2016 Dardel seems to have broken in to another realm of quality again. I don’t know if it is a vintage character or a product of his continuing deeper understanding of the site he works with but there is an extra X factor to this release that pushes it past excellent and in to the realms of the very best.

An interesting and rather frank conversation with the man recently lead to him explaining that he would not be sending his wines to critics before release from now on as he wanted long standing collectors to be able to purchase them before the scores are published and they sell out. You only need to check the points from Halliday or Oliver for previous releases of these wines to understand where he is coming from. It’s a commendable position to take.

We can’t stress enough how good this is, Michael and I tasted it, and both agreed that this was the best release of this wine to date. Don’t miss it!


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