Pieropan Calvarino 2015 Offer

Leonildo Pieropan is one of Italy’s five or six best white wine producers, and his Soaves are benchmarks for the category.The dean of all Soave producers, Leonildo Pieropan is simply one of Italy’s most gifted and knowledgeable winemakers. His Soave wines age remarkably well, handling fifteen-twenty years in a good cellar with ease (I recently tasted the 2002 La Rocca bottling, a wine made from an essentially miserable, rainy, vintage, and it was – sixteen years out – easily one of the three or four best Italian white wines I have tasted in some time). This year the different Pieropans wines I tasted showcased vintage differences remarkably well (especially the Calvarino). IAN D’AGATA

Along with Suavia and Gini Pieropan is one of the greatest estates in Soave, many would argue the greatest. While their everyday Soave is one of the best value whites in Italy and consistently one of the finest in its category their single site bottlings take things to a different place in terms of quality and ageability. I know most people would shun the idea of cellaring Soave but Pieropan and in particular Calvarino has a long track record for growing in stature with adequate time in the bottle.

Young this wine tends to have a more profound impression of minerality than I tend to expect from the region and a firmer line of freshness as well. In some ways it behaves unlike other Soave with its often citrus, spicy and pome fruit characters and there is more detail and nuance to Calvarino. It is widely held to be the benchmark that all other Soave are measured against.

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