Pierre Peters and Vilmart Duo Offer 2019

Pierre Peters

The Pierre Péters Champagnes stand out for their crystalline precision, energy and nuance, which makes the, reference-points for what Chardonnay is all about in the Côtes des Blancs and Mesnil. When I want to drink brilliant, pure Blanc des Blancs, I often reach for the wines of this small, family-owned estate. ANTONIO GALLONI

Very few champagnes more eloquently articulate their terroirs than those of Pierre Peters. On my first encounter with the young Rodolphe Peters, three hours of exploring the fruits of three decades left me mesmerised by the remarkable capacity of the chardonnay vine to extract the salty minerality of the Cotes de Blancs’ finest grand crus and preserve it in its wines for time eternal. I left with the realisation of another dimension to champagne, one in which minerality assumes a personality all of its own. TYSON STELZER, The Champagne Guide


When I think of finesse in Champagne, Vilmart is one of the first names that comes to mind. Proprietor Laurent Champs has the magic touch in crafting exquisite wines that can stand with the very best….. The Vilmart style can be defined as timeless and classic. All of the Vilmart Champagnes are aged in oak, but with blocked malos, an approach that yields Chardonnays and Pinots of nearly incomparable finesse. Readers who haven’t discovered Vilmart yet owe it to themselves to do so. ANTONIO GALLONI

Vilmart is among my favorite houses that have mastered the difficult challenge of delivering an elegant and full-flavored Champagne with finesse. If you don’t know the house, do yourself a favor and give one of the cuvées a try, you’ll thank me for the suggestion. BURGHOUND

If a visit with the articulate and passionately quality-conscious Laurent Champs – or even “just” the tasting of his wines – doesn’t leave you inspired about the future of Champagne, then I don’t know what that would take. DAVID SCHILKNECHT, The Wine Advocate

Rodolphe Peters and Laurent Champs have much in common, they are both at the very top of the tree in terms of quality in Champagne. Both brought their family houses in to prominence recently through sheer determination and a goodly measure of raw talent. Both are dedicated vignerons who espouse the notion that Champagne should, first and foremostly, be wines of real terroir that demonstrate their origins and season in the glass. Both are stalwarts of the Grower movement who have helped pave the way for a whole new generation of Growers to come forward. Both produce wines that exemplify the ideals and the quality that Grower Champagne is all about. The Champagne Dynamic Duo!

While they share all of these traits their offerings are very different. Pierre Peters focuses on Chardonnay and his wines are renowned for their crystalline fruit, tension and cut. They are thrilling Champagnes that deliver clarity and focus with abundant minerality. Exhilarating is the word that I most often associate with this house.

The cuvees of Vilmart are luxurious and detailed, they are wonderfully fresh and alluring. Laurent utilises barrel ageing to build character and texture which form the building blocks for his seductive wines. His Grand Reserve is 70% Pinot which provides power and depth when partnered with the Chardonnay that enlivens and carries the wine with bracing freshness and poise. They are my go to house when I need Champagne that has that wow factor.

While both producers are, rightly, celebrated for their top tier cuvees the real skill and the real value is best demonstrated is in their regular NV cuvees. With that in mind we are offering them both with a very special six pack price of $480 ($80 each) just in time for the festive season. What more could you ask for than two of the greatest producers in Champagne for $80 a bottle? That should be Xmas drinking and presents sorted for a lot of people.

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