Pierre Peters New Arrivals April 2019

The Pierre Péters Champagnes stand out for their crystalline precision, energy and nuance, which makes the, reference-points for what Chardonnay is all about in the Côtes des Blancs and Mesnil. When I want to drink brilliant, pure Blanc des Blancs, I often reach for the wines of this small, family-owned estate. ANTONIO GALLONI

Very few champagnes more eloquently articulate their terroirs than those of Pierre Peters. On my first encounter with the young Rodolphe Peters, three hours of exploring the fruits of three decades left me mesmerised by the remarkable capacity of the chardonnay vine to extract the salty minerality of the Cotes de Blancs’ finest grand crus and preserve it in its wines for time eternal. I left with the realisation of another dimension to champagne, one in which minerality assumes a personality all of its own. TYSON STELZER, The Champagne Guide

As is always the case there is a bit of a buzz around the team at PWS when a shipment of Pierre Peters is about to arrive. As any long term fan of Rodolphe, and the Grower Movement, in general will know NV wines from these houses are not like those from the huge estates. Here is release is based around a particular vintage and the wines are always uniquely different and special in their own way. Another sad fact that fans of this estate will know is that his wines have gained a gargantuan following in recent years and are beginning to sell out more quickly than ever before.

As is our tradition with these wines we like to offer them to our Champagne customers just before they arrive at a special pre arrival price. The wines are due any day now and should be ready to collect towards the end of the month. I always encourage people to buy these and, if you can, leave them alone for a little while. Even six months will make a difference with these wines so by the time the warmer months come around they should be just starting to hit their strides.