Pooley & By Farr Tasting Sydney 2018

We can think of few better pinot producers in Australia. Both Pooley and By Farr have been producing outstanding wines for some years. While the By Farr label is perhaps more established in the consciousness of consumers, Pooley’s star is on the rise.

We rarely see such a connection to the site than that exhibited at By Farr. It would be fair to say few know their patch of land to the degree that these two do and no one knows more about the vicissitudes of growing fruit on the dry hills to the west of Geelong. This, combined with the well-known influences Gary and now Nick have absorbed from producers like Dujac can be seen in the style of the wines and, far from being mimicry, the genius of these wines is the splicing of methodologies into the local fruit idiom.

It’s no secret to most PWS customers that we are HUGE fans of the wines coming out of Tassie’s Pooley Vineyards. So it’s saying something when we say; the most recent set of releases is the best set of wines we’ve ever seen from them. Anna is no stranger to Pinot and it seems these wines get better every vintage.