Pooley New Releases 2018

Three generations of the Pooley family have been involved in the development of Pooley Wines, although the winery was previously known as Cooinda Vale. Plantings have now reached over 12ha in a region that is warmer and drier than most people realise. In 2003 the family planted pinot noir and pinot grigio (with more recent plantings of pinot noir and chardonnay) at Belmont Vineyard, a heritage property with an 1830s Georgian home and a second cellar door in the old sandstone barn and stables. JAMES HALLIDAY

It’s no secret to most PWS customers that we are HUGE fans of the wines coming out of Tassie’s Pooley Vineyards. So it’s saying something when we say; the most recent set of releases is the best set of wines we’ve ever seen from them. Like, stonkingly great quality from go to whoa. So much so, we bought everything we could get!

The first tranche offer is for the Pooley Pinot Noir 2017. We’ve been pouring this in Bellota for a while now and we keep telling each other how good it is. Eventually the penny dropped (marketing gurus we aint) that we should be offering it to our pinot-loving customers. If you want fragrant, silken and expressive pinot then get on board with this wine. You will not regret it. It is utterly delicious and super value. The fruit comes off the adjacent Clarence House vineyard which is also managed by Matt Pooley. It shares some of the Butcher’s vineyard traits and the fruit profile and aromatics are again similar. Don’t miss it.

Lovely nose of red and blue fruits fragranced-up by lavender and brown spice. There’s good “urgency” on the palate “lending” the fruit vibrancy and dance while at the same moment the gorgeous texture drapes the wine throughout. Far from being a one trick pinot-pony there’s lingering spice and a lick of serious tannin to finish. There’s some gravitas here if you care to look but whether you do or you don’t, it’s lovely stuff to drink and enjoy. PWS


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