Portuguese Summer Wines 2017

The Portuguese really hit their stride when it comes to blends and the fact that they typically involve a handful of varieties we can barely pronounce doesn't bother us.  All we know is that they are so darn good.

Established in 2009, Michael Wren exclusively imports only Portuguese wine and is one of the country's foremost authorities on the subject.  Join him on Saturday to guide you through the myriad of hitherto unknown regions and grape varieties in what promises to be an eye-opening tasting.

Most people may associate Portugal with fortified wines (And why not?  They are amongst the best in the world.) but their dry, table wines are true gems and worth thorough exploration.  As an added bonus, they seem terribly underpriced for the quality that comes out of the bottle and represent great value for money.  But shhh... don't tell the Portuguese!  Anke, PWSE