Prosecco and Friends Tasting

Who doesn't love a glass a prosecco in the afternoon sun on a warm day? It's the perfect drop, refreshing, bright, and of course bubbly. The demand world-wide for Prosecco has never been higher and we totally get why - it's delicious! Globally, prosecco has out-sold Champagne in recent years with production eclipsing Champagne in the last five. Like Champagne in France sparkling wine in Italy has become synonymous with Prosecco, and this fantastic fizz hits the spot without hitting your hip-pocket.

With the spotlight on the region and growing popularity, there has been a divergence in style from the ubiquitous, fruity prosecco consumed in trattoria to the more quality driven, drier styles we are seeing arise. One of the leading lights in pushing the quality spectrum and elevating the reputation of prosecco is the rock-star like Bellenda. They have done this by severely restricting yields of the particularly vigorous Glera grape, focusing on quality production methods and as Umberto is quick to point out, are organic and have been since before it was a fashion statement and a marketing tool. In addition, they are lucky enough to be situated on the hills surrounding Carpesica, the quality heart of the DOCG zone.

One of the most important factors however has been the family pursuit of the local DOCG to allow for bottle fermentation in the region, something done traditionally but no longer acceptable. Permitting this for Prosecco has allowed them to continue to drive Prosecco towards being regarded, as it should be, a premium wine region. The result is a range of top-notch sparkling from classically styled San Fermo, the traditional method but Glera based Sei Uno and Cosi el Fondo.

But there is still more to the region than just prosecco.  The "Metodo Classico" Champagne-like wines of Franciacorta coming out of northern Italy are rivals of their French counterparts. These are made the same way as in Champagne but from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and small amounts of Pinot Bianco, with even stricter rules around bottle ageing. The results are much richer wines with finer, creamier bubbles and considerably more complex aromas and flavours.

To showcase the versatility and quality of this region we are featuring a range of Bellenda sparkling wines as well as two great metodo classico's from bio-dynamic producer 1701 and Enrico Gattti. This is the perfect tasting to stock up on some superb bubbly for the racing season and the warmer weather just around the corner.