Querciabella Chianti 2016 Offer

I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about Chianti Classico and its wines. My July trip included a number of truly memorable estate visits, two unforgettable verticals, and the thrill of discovering a handful of wineries that were new to me. The top 2016s have turned out to be just as extraordinary as I had hoped they would be… The best of these wines offer the consumer extraordinary quality and value. ANTONIO GALLONI

2016 could hardly have been more conducive to making some of the best wines ever for Chianti Classico. JAMES SUCKLING

Readers can look forward to a positively stunning set of wines from Querciabella this year and in the near future. Winemaker Manfred Ing and his team continue to fine tune the approach here, but frankly, what comes through most is the tremendous passion behind everything at Querciabella. The 2016s benefit from a very even growing season. That effortless grace comes through in majestic, soaring wines that are likely to become benchmarks here. ANTONIO GALLONI

The Querciabella estate is nestled up near the forests in Greve and boasts incredible views of the surrounding valleys and vineyards. Everything at this estate is handled with such incredible attention to detail and dedication to not only their vines but the environment as a whole. The place seems to radiate health and vitality, it is a magical place to visit and taste.

Owner Sebastiano Cossia Costiglioni is a renowned philanthropist and dedicated environmentalist who spends much of his time and money investing in programmes to advance renewable technology and products. He is devoted to leaving the world a little better and doing his part to improve the state of play.

His love for the environment is written large in everything done at the estate where all sprays and additions have been banned, including traditional biodynamic preparations which may be made with animal products. This has forced the team to become far more attuned to their sites and how they manage them. Our visit earlier this year included a reasonably lengthy chat about their cover cropping regime and its influences on soil health. Guru winemaker Manfred Ing commented that Sebastiano even refused to fence of the vineyards to keep out the notoriously ravenous wild boars (a problem every vineyard manager in Tuscany must contend with) because he believes that the loss of yield is something you must accept when you work with the environment.

As to the wines themselves, well they are majestic and in recent years Manfred and the team have continued to drive Querc towards perfection. Nothing is spared here in that pursuit, with a constant eye on how they can improve Manfred has nearly completely eliminated the small barrels that were once the mainstay of the winery and everything is moving towards larger, older wood allowing the purity of the Sangiovese to become an increasing focus.

Today the wines of Querciabella rank among the very top small handful of producers. Combine this with what many regard as one of the all-time greatest years in the region and you can see what all the hype over this wine is about. I think Galloni is spot on the money where he notes that this offers the “consumer extraordinary quality and value” as the great Chianti remain one of the worlds truly great wines that are both accessible and affordable and Querciabella epitomises this with their strikingly gorgeous 2016 which is only about $41 on offer in a six pack.

This is genuinely the complete package, the perfect wine storm, great wine from a top tier producer in a benchmark vintage for $250 a six pack. What more could you want?

The boat is due to arrive any moment now so if you would like to place an order, or have a chat about the wine, please feel free to contact me personally. You can reach me at the store on 03 9686 3033 or simply reply to this email. If you would like to order online just follow the link below.


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