Radikon New Releases

In the mid 1990's when Stanko Radikon decided to turn his family estate on its head and radically change the way he made its wines, he could scarcely have known that he would become an icon of a worldwide movement. His decision, driven by a growing dissatisfaction and interest in his own bottlings and those of his fellows in his native Friuli, drove him to re-think the way he was making his wines. He was especially keen to reconnect the drinking experience to the feeling he got from eating the grape off the vine.

To go forward he looked backward to his grandfather's time where the practice of keeping the skins in contact with the juice of the white wines was the major difference. At this moment he unravelled his own practices and set off down a new path with extended skin contact whites at the heart of his philosophy.

The resulting wines; amber or orange in colour, a completely different aromatic and texture/structure resembling a red wine immediately alienated much of the family's traditional business which I'm sure made for some robust dinner conversation around the family table. Fast-forward 35 years and his wines are iconic and revered as the template for the natural wine movement. They are much mimicked (often poorly) by a new generation of producers but they remain as thought-provoking and compelling as ever. 

Since his passing a few years ago, Stanko's son Sasa continues the tradition and maintains the key tenets of production  - organically grown vines, skin contact for the whites varying from a few days up to a month, long elevage in large oak and little or no sulphur. 

It should be said, these are not for everyone. If you have been schooled on conventionally made wines they will challenge you but I would advise you to persevere because, as with so many works of art and genius, they require you to let go of your preconceptions.

Stanko also changed the bottle size from 750ml to 500ml believing the smaller size was the ideal amount for a dinner between two people - one 500ml of white and one of red. I like his style! 

Below I have included as much information as possible about each wine. Third party reviews are often hard to come by especially ones for the current releases so I have included Julia Harding's reviews from last release. I would not usually do this but I feel she captures the essence of the wines beautifully. Very little wine is made at the estate so some listings are in miniscule quantities.