Ravensworth and Torbreck Tasting 2019

Torbreck and Ravensworth may, on cursory view, look like strange bed fellows for a tasting but the more we thought about it the more sense it seemed to make, for us they are both producing some of the most regionally expressive wines in the market today and both have a deep understanding of the regions they work. Very different wines with one very important similarity, a focus on quality and the expression of site being the key to their work.

Torbreck has undergone a few radical changes in recent times with the appointment of Ian Hongell (ex long term Peter Lehmann’s winemaker) seems to have brought a reinvigorated and reenergised feel to the place and the wines. The recipe remains the same, incredible old vines and great vineyards made simply to reflect their dirt but the wines seem to have picked up pace again. I would go so far as to say its almost like a new venture now even with their long track record of making some of the regions most sought after wines. Sometimes a change is all that’s needed to bring things in to line.

The wines of Ravensworth may not be on everyone’s hit list now but they should be. Winemaker Bryan Martin has a background in, well everything. He is an accomplished food writer, has earned his stripes in the hospitality industry and is also on the winemaking team at Clonakilla in his spare time, of which I assume he has very little these days. His wines speak of his background, being more digestible and food orientated than many others but they are also very linked to his vineyard and his philosophy of farming (if you want an interesting read go look at his website).

The short and curlies of the situation is this, both Torbreck and Ravensworth are leading the charge in their respective regions today and both make very distinctive wines to a strict, self imposed, philosophy that translates to exciting and expressive wines. We love them both but you can decide which is for you, maybe it’s both.


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