Ravensworth The Grainery 2017

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney

It’s a blend of white grapes but knowing what they are isn’t really the point (it’s a Rhone-ish white blend for those that insist!). More the point it’s a textural, interesting, refreshing expression of Murrumbateman that looks most unlike just about anything the region has done before. Then again, that last statement is alot of what winemaker/grower Bryan Martin is about.

Delicious thing this is. So easy to drink but so easy to sit back and survey too. A melange of apricot, nuts, green melon, citrus and florals in the bouquet, the palate offers a light glossiness then layers of similar flavours with a steely rod of acidity keeping the wine lively and refreshing. It glides across the palate yet feels perky and minerally; booze on ice skates with a twist of something more serious. Take it to your local Thai to step it up a notch. MIKE BENNIE