Reed Wines 2017 Offer You Want These

We have been carefully watching these wines for the last couple of years and have always ordered a little for the store but this year Sierra has really nailed her goal to the wall and delivered on the promise we noticed from her first release.

Sierra is American born and raised but moved to Australia after falling in love with the wine industry in one of the most circuitous routes one could imagine, it’s a long story. Once bitten by the vinous bug she really took to it with a vengeance and began seeking out vintage work at some of Australia and the worlds most renowned estates, the list includes Rippon (Otago), E. Pira (Barolo), Vissoux (Beaujolais), Kooyong Estate (Mornington), Pina (Napa Valley) Head Wines (Barossa), Mt Langi (Great Western), Robert Weil (Rheingau) and a few more but you get the idea.

Today she makes wines from very carefully selected parcels of fruit both here in Vic and a little from South Australia, working closely with a group of growers in her chosen areas that form the core of her range. Sierra always makes the point that she loves transparency and fragrance in her wines and her 17s deliver this in spades. Across the board they are fresh, vibrant, engaging and to be frank thoroughly impressive for the sheer, pure drinking pleasure.

While most of you may not have heard of these wines yet I assure you they are fantastic and with each vintage she gets a stronger following among an increasingly loyal fan base and for good reason. We are quite excited to be able to offer the Grenache and Nebbiolo to our customers. Sierra is a genuine talent, the wines are beautiful and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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