Rhone Tasting August 2019 - Part One the North

Northern Rhône wine lovers with purist leanings will be head over heels with the 2016 vintage, which offers an abundance of energetic, well-balanced and generally graceful wines. JOSH RAYNOLDS

2017 looks like a cross of the previous two vintages, with the energy of 2016 and the power of 2015. In some ways comparisons to 2009 might also be apt, but the wines appear to have more brightness than that vintage, which is drinking very nicely right now. JOSH RAYNOLDS

2016 and 2017 are very different vintages in the Northern Rhone with 2016 producing fresh reds with high acidities and bright red fruits perfect for the cellar, and 2017 more concentrated Syrah with abundant dark fruit and soft tannins: the resulting wines are beguiling in their youth.

This offer showcases both vintages from the Northern Rhone with a special focus on the Saint Joseph Appellation, home to some of the best value wines in the region. As you can see on the map Below the Saint Joseph appellation is the most convoluted stretching almost 50 km north to south. Yet the top quality producer tend to be grouped around the southern town of Mauve and the hill of Saint Joseph.