Rizzi 2014 Barbaresco Pre Arrival Offer

I found much to admire in the 2014 and 2013 Barbarescos I tasted during my most recent visit to the region this past August. The best 2014s and 2013s are exciting, thrilling wines that capture all the qualities that make Nebbiolo such a compelling grape…The 2014 vintage has been maligned throughout much of Italy, but Barbaresco may very well turn out to be a bright spot…The finest 2014 Barbarescos are bright and medium in body, with lively acidity, striking aromatics and tons of energy. It is a vintage that will especially appeal to classically leaning palates. ANTONIO GALLONI

A visit to Rizzi is all it really takes to convince you, if you are not already won over, that this super traditional estate is one of the leading lights in Treiso and Enrico one of the more thoughtful vignerons in Barbaresco. Philsophically, owners, the Dellapiano family, make wine in a traditional manner which accentuates the aromatic purity of the nebbiolo grape and the place it has been grown. In practice this manifests as a 25 day maceration before alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel, there is pumping over but no punching down of the cap. On completion the wine is aged in large Slovenian oak botte.

Emphasis is on giving the wines ample time to slowly and softly build their hallmark supportive structure. You get the impression from Enrico that his focus is on preservation and not artifice, he wants to give his sites the loudest voice possible and this shows in his wines.

Since first bringing these wines into the country a few years back, Enrico Rizzi’s star is rising fast. His profile as one of the most thoughtful and talented winemakers in Barbaresco is evidenced by both the reaction we get when asked by other producers who we work with (lots of nodding and buonos) but also in the work he has done in mapping the soil profiles of Treiso. Further to that, he drinks widely from other regions and is always looking to other greats to inform him in his own work.

My notes on his 14s from barrel are fairly straightforward and give the impression that these wines have superb tranparency to site, with medium weight structure supporting mineral-laced fruit. They are delicious wines and in the very best possible way, classics. In addition, in my opinion Rizzi still operates in that rarest of fine wine places, great quality and value. I love these wines and to draw in the aromatic makes me think immediately of the place they were grown.

Due to the small yields of the vintage we have a little less than normal and so are only offering them to Barolo and Barbaresco buyers for now and at a very special 20% pre arrival price.