Rizzi Lunch Offer 2019

Winemaker Enrico Dellapiana is making focused, terroir-driven Barbaresco loaded with finesse. Bravo! KERIN O’KEEFE, The Wine Enthusiast

I came away from my late summer tastings of Barbarescos deeply impressed. The region, which has so often appeared sleepy and backward, especially compared to Barolo, seems to be going through a brilliant phase. The 2016s, wines from a potentially historic vintage, may very well put Barbaresco on the map big time. As I traveled from producer to producer, I experienced that sense of excitement and energy I always feel when in the presence of important vintages and wines… The young 2016 Barbarescos are some of the most compelling young wines I have tasted in twenty years of visiting the region.

In tasting, the 2016s are extraordinarily harmonious. The extended growing season yielded wines with healthy Nebbiolo fruit, soaring aromatics and perfectly ripe, super-polished tannins. Stylistically, the 2016s remind me of the 2004s, but with more fruit and the added finesse that comes with another dozen years of experience in farming and winemaking. The best 2016s I tasted are positively dazzling. Most of the 2016s have only recently been bottled, and yet their quality is evident. ANTONIO GALLONI

Enrico Dellapiana is currently crafting some of the region’s most pure, traditionally made and wonderfully expressive expressions of Nebbiolo from his family estate perched alone on top of the hill which is home to the ‘Rizzi’ Cru in Treiso.

The main focus here is on ensuring their Crus are given the best chance to sing in the bottle and the wines are gracefully fruited and transparent. Enrico’s star has been rising quickly of late and he is garnering some serious attention in the world of wine. He is a fantastic orator and ambassador for not only his wines but those of the region he calls home.

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