Robert Chevillon 2017 Offer

Bertrand Chevillon “ As to the wines, I would describe them as being more fruit forward in style that should appeal to restaurants and to consumers who want to be able to drink their wines earlier. This doesn’t mean that the 2017s won’t age well, just that they’re not so tight and rigid that it’s a waste to open them young.” As I have noted before, Chevillon rarely misses and they definitely did not in 2017 BURGHOUND

This Nuits Saint-Georges-based grower is on a roll. Brothers Denis and Bertrand Chevillon, the latter preferring to remain out of the limelight, have turned in a raft of exquisite wines over the last decade. Since the late 1990s, the wines have become increasingly refined, intense and pure, testified to by a 1995 Les Saint-Georges poured blind by Denis Chevillon that I felt was rustic compared to the 2017s just tasted. Part of the reason that Chevillon has become so consistent is the fact that their vineyards populate some of the appellation’s most propitious Premier Crus, eight across some 13 hectares. If you want a litmus test of how Nuits Saint-Georges performed in a given vintage, then Chevillon is the place to come. Denis Chevillon, a tall and broad-shouldered winemaker, describes 2017 as a “miracle vintage.”

Prices here mostly remain sane compared to others and the wines generally come recommended. NEAL MARTIN, Vinous 2019

Before I get on to other reasons why people should always buy Chevillon I want to star by commenting that I have to agree with Neal’s comments, and the generally held view, that these wines remain reasonably priced. This is especially obvious when you consider that they are the reference point producer in the commune (along with Gouges perhaps). That they have parcels in most of the top Crus. That many people around them and from other communes who have a little Nuits, are charging far more for wines that are rarely better and often not as good as those being produced at this remarkable domaine.

My love affair with these wines only began about a decade ago but they have very quickly worked their way in to my favourites pile. One of the producers I look forward to tasting each year. If you get the opportunity to try these wines from a good year and with a little age and are not convinced that they deserve the lavish praise heaped on them by the critics and fans then I don’t know what would serve to win you over. Nuits in the hands of a producer like Chevillon can be some of the most compelling and engaging, thought provoking wines of the Cote.

For those fans who already know and love the wines you will need no convincing but for anyone who has not had the pleasure I strongly urge you to try some. Chevillon simply does not disappoint and they have been on fire in recent years as is evidenced by the reviews from the global wine press.

As is usually the case the quantity available of these wines is far outstripped by the demand and they usually sell out quickly