Robert Weil 2016s Offer

We hosted Nicolas Pfaff from Robert Weil last week who was in Australia presenting the newly released 2016 vintage. The wines from 2016 is a step back towards more traditional Riesling and a step away from the opulence we saw from the fruit forward 2015’s. The wines look truly spectacular and show purity, elegance and minerality. The 2016’s look very focused and the terroir comes through very clearly.

Dr Robert Weil founded the estate in 1867 and started buying vineyards in and around the mineral-rich, slate soils of Kiedricher Berg. It’s the soil from Kiedricher that makes the Weil house style of elegant, fruit-driven as well as complex and structured wines that’s considered by many to be the some of the best Riesling’s in the world. When discussing the purity and elegance of these wines during the Masterclass, Nicolas Pfaff called the wines “the most Mosel-like in the Rheingau”. I think this statement perfectly describes the wines from Robert Weil.

These wines are limited, so please get back to me as soon as possible if you would like to buy any or if you would like to hear more about these wines.

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