Rose and Sausages - Essendon 2016

For a good while rose was dutifully avoided and derided but my, haven't times changed?  We've gone from having a handful of good, local examples to being absolutely spoilt for choice and what's not to love: it's pretty in both appearance and aromatics and can run through a spectrum of textural and fresh, fruity and savoury.  We sell it all year-round these days but nothing screams Summer fun like a bit of pink.

It's spiritual home lies on the sunny slopes of Southern France in Provence and lesser-known (but brilliant) Bandol.  Here the wines take on a barely-there blush with texture and savouriness on the palate.  Locally the current trend is to look in this direction for inspiration but don't write off the deeper-hued examples for you never know what sensory treasure lies within.  You may (or may not) be surprised to know that there are some fantastic roses coming out of Austria too, from local grapes such as Blaufrankisch and St Laurent. 

The wines get their colour from spending a limited amount of time on skins and can be made by any number of red grape varieties.  Whatever the colour and style, there's a rose for everyone.  Anke, PWSE