Rouet Rose 2017

I am not sure if anyone has noticed but it has been sunny lately and there is no frost on my car windows in the morning. I am not entirely sure why this is happening but this extra sunshine and pleasant temperatures has caused a significant shift in my drinking and heralded the beginning of Rose season for me. We all have our favourites pink tipples that we reach for when spring hits and Chateau du Rouet is always on my hit list.

This years incarnation is definitely a different beast than last years with more cut and drive to the delicious array of fruit. It’s a good bit more lively than the previous bottling and really delivers a zingy and super fresh expression that you can’t help but love. I mean this is the kind of wine that always seems to take me by surprise, one minute I am enjoying a rather large glass of the stuff and then somehow the bottle is empty. It’s baffling, does anyone know if Provence Rose is more prone to evaporation?

As we tend to do when the sun comes out we offer out Rouet to help everyone ease in to spring. We are offing it at more than 20% off in straight dozens and we are pretty sure this will put a smile on a lot of faces

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