Ruggabellus New Releases 2019

Abel Gibson's version of his career is best put in his words - 'Respect and history' was learnt at Penfolds, 'art and tradition' at Rockford, 'intellect and detail' from Chris Ringland, 'bunch and mystery' from Charlie Melton, 'provenance and balance' from my father at Gibson and most recently and quite importantly 'belief' from Pete and Magali at Spinifex - without their encouragement 'Ruggabellus' would in all likelihood have remained an idea to this day. MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front
These are not producers who dabble in more low-tech styles. They excel at them, showing little tolerance for careless winemakers who accept flaws, or wannabes who value theory over practice. ERIC ASIMOV, New York Times

Abel Gibson & Emma Epstein's Ruggabellus wines should pass your glass at least once a year.  More provided you take the time to stock up when the opportunity presents itself.  The pair craft wonderful Barossa wines that can challenge and delight, but not gratuitously.   The reds are soulful, lifted  and earthy expressions of one Australia's most beloved wine regions. The whites are all fermented on skins and thus should probably be presented under the 'orange' moniker.  There are three in the Ruggabellus range and all are cogent arguments for this genre of wine.  Balance and depth over-riding any sense of dogma here. 

Abel has experienced the Barossa through the eyes of the regions greatest wine producers and has instinctively absorbed these lessons, bringing more life to the Barossa with every vintage. The current line up is no exception and although I feel we may have said this last year. This seems to be a new benchmark for this humble couple.