Sailor Seeks Horse 2017 Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

It has now been a few years since I first met Paul and Gilly Lipscombe on a cold September morning five years ago in the Huon Valley. I had no idea who they were but the recommendations had been uniform in their praise so it seemed like a good idea to go visit.

Once I got talking Paul he casually mentioned they had their own vineyard – he took us to visit the small abandoned plot he and Gilly discovered and have lovingly brought to life. Listening to them speak about the Huon Valley is enlightening. They have firmly set roots in the area and are completely immersed in the viticulture and lay of the land: winemaker at Home Hill, managing Chatto’s Vineyard, and their own venture. They’re relaxed and confident in their space as has been evidenced by the growing string of stellar releases in past years.

Paul and Gilly are part of the best of the new breed of Tasmanian winemaker. Their wines are international, but in the good way: they speak of a sense of place and an awareness of its importance as the foundation of great wine. The oak is well judged, and the wines simply made with texture, fine acidity. We tasted the 2017 releases yesterday. They are, as always, reflective of the season and the place and both wines reflect a long ripening cycle with just enough vine stress to produce outstanding results. There is real intensity and structure and good fruit ripeness without sacrificing acidity. There are no reviews for the wines, but they will be glowing. Since we first started offering the wines a few years back, it seems the wines have been “discovered” and this year we’ve got 20 dozen to sell.