Sentio Chardonnay Offer

Sentio wines, if you’ve not heard the name before, is a fledging but high class producer. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front

This is a winery to watch. Owner/winemaker Chris Catlow was born (1982) and raised in Beechworth, and says,‘A passion for wine was inevitable.’ He drew particular inspiration from Barry Morey of Sorrenberg, working there in his late teens. He completed a double-major in viticulture science and wine science at La Trobe University, working with Paringa Estate, Kooyong and Portsea Estate from 2006–13. Here Sandro Mosele led him to his fascination with the interaction between place and chardonnay, and he in turn worked with Benjamin Leroux in Burgundy during vintage ’13, ’14 and ’16. JAMES HALLIDAY

We like to think that we can smell out the next big deal here at PWS HQ and such is the case with the wines of David Catlow. It has the feeling of one of those producers who will start popping up in conversation more often. David has worked with some of the best including five vintages with Benjamin Leroux in Beaune and a swag of top flight Aussie guys. His formula (for want of a better word) is very familiar. He is sourcing fruit from the best sites and focused on single vineyard, expressive Chardonnay and Pinot. It is a combo that, when pulled off properly, can lead to magic. If this release is anything to go by then he certainly has the right stuff.

The Chardonnay from his native Beechworth is from the now legendary Smiths vineyard, the oldest in the area and used now by another super star A. Rodda and his comrade in arms Mark Walpole. It is a very different example to the other two, both of which we have the upmost admiration for here. It has a cool, refreshing and seemingly weightless feel. Super pure and wonderfully invigorating. You may not have heard of this guy, I hadn’t until recently, but I urge you to try some and I promise you wont be disappointed.