Sinapius June 2020 Offer

5 STARS JAMES HALLIDAY, The Wine Companion

Sinapius is about being; one of a kind, butting the trend, forging our own path, and not conforming. So who would be crazy enough to plant vines at 7700 to 11110 vines per hectare, with a fruiting wire at 40cm above the ground, and in a cold challenging climate such as Tasmania…..these wines are aimed to reflect the ancient soils from the region, each season, and the uniqueness of our special site in Piper Brook, Tasmania. We are not winemakers at Sinapius – we are wine growers as for us, there is no separation between vineyard and winery……………… SINAPIUS

.. This was just one of many things that struck me on a recent visit to Sinapius, which is located in the Pipers River region of northern Tasmania. The close-planted rows, the low-trained vine heads, the attention to detail, the obsession with multiple clones, and finally the taste of the wines themselves, all impressed me. HUON HOOKE, The Real Review

.. the wines produced by some of the most ambitious of the new wave of young smallholder-winemakers such as Joe Holyman of Stoney Rise and his friends Vaughn Dell and Linda Morice of Sinapius have an intensity that transcends the norm. JANCIS ROBINSON

The world should now be climbing on the big shoulders of Vaughn to take in the splendour of his view. Alas. My how mighty his and Linda’s work has been. The wine in the title here is a thing of beauty but like it or not wine is always more than points, prices and words. It’s people and land, hopes and dreams, labour and love. Life. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front


I think It’s fair to say that the best wine stories are carved out over time, where decisions in the vineyard are made looking at possibilities that won’t be realised for 10, 15, 20 years or more.  It’s mind boggling to think that in 2005 whilst in their mid twenties Linda Morice and Vaughn Dell would create Sinapius. First purchasing 2 hectares of established vineyards perched above Pipers Brook in Tasmania’s north.  The couple then began expanding the vineyard holdings to a modest 4 hectares, putting their focus on clonal diversity and very high density plantings of Chardonnay & Pinot Noir.  Sinapius was never about “brand” building, the passion to create something special was intrinsic from the very beginning which is a quality that echoes through to characterful wines that are released under the label.

Sinapius featured in a Tasmanian wine tasting that we hosted at our Sydney store earlier this year in February, and one of the stand out wines across the whole event was their 2018 Home Vineyard Chardonnay. It is a cool climate wine that crackles with a savoury mineral edge whilst simultaneously offering up ripe, fleshy stone fruits. A layered and complex Tasmanian Chardonnay.  We didn’t have the 2018 Close Planted Pinot Noir at the time, but it does make quite a pairing.  Again it finds a great balance between the savoury in the form of a whole bunchy and mineral edge, and then topped with bright dark cherry like fruit. Like having the perfect amount of jam and butter on a freshly baked croissant. Very satisfying.

It would perhaps be remiss of me not to mention the untimely passing of Vaughn Dell this year too.  It is a loss to the industry, but more importantly to the family he has left behind. We are in a fortunate position to support these wines, ensuring his legacy will be remembered and the vineyards he planted remain a beacon of uncompromising quality in the industry we love. PWS