Sorrenberg 2017 New Releases Offer

Boy was he right! Gamay is a growing trend right now, particularly in Australia and as it turned out, Beechworth was the prime spot to grow it! We are seeing some serious Pinot drinkers converting to Gamay as of late, I think due in part to the fact that that typical ‘confectionary’ character that we often find in Gamay isn’t perhaps as prominent as it used to be, or at least not in the warmer climate of Australia.

Sorrenberg’s two most iconic varieties, Gamay and Chardonnay, are planted 595 metres above sea level on the ‘Rhino Block’ (named after Barry’s grandfather) where the cooling effect of the altitude helps provide the structure and finesse that Sorrenberg is renowned for.

Both vineyards are planted on heavily granitic soils which carries though in all of their wines. Biodynamic viticulture was implemented here in 2008, well before it became popular around the traps.

In 2017 in Beechworth, the winter was cold and long, delaying budburst, which allowed for top-notch quality of fruit. The wines are showing even more finesse than ever!

This release of the Gamay has a small dollop of Pinot Noir to add a little something extra to the wine. Barry uses a combination of Burgundian and Beaujolais techniques to honour both varieties’ strengths.

The new releases have the phone ringing off the hook. With all the Chardonnay sold out already, we are pleased to announce we have very small quantities of Gamay and Semillon Sauvignon Blanc available and consequently, we are only offering to previous buyers. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, no more until next year, so if you would like to order some you will need to get in pronto!

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