Southern Rhone 2016 Tasting

The wines in the 2016 tasting in the southern Rhone certainly did not disappoint and the apex moment of power and finesse was everything it had promised to be. The Chateauneufs 2016 are quite simply the best wines this region has seen in a very long time. The overcooked fruit, the excessive extraction and the obsession with excess seem to be over for most producers.
The glory of grenache as an expressive, complex, elegant, enlivening, and powerful platform is back and long may it reign!

As Marc Perrin of Beaucastel explained to me last year while barely containing his excitement, “Everything is perfect in 2015 and I think 2016 is perhaps even better! NICK STOCK,

This offer highlights some of the regions best, four great examples of Cote du Rhone, delicious but age-worthy examples for the value conscious. A bracket of four Village wines from Lirac in the south via Gigondas and Cairanne in the north, these satellite villages often provide great intensity and power yet at a fraction of the cost of the Chateuneuf du Pape. But if we are going to show the best of the region in a great year we need the top Chateauneuf du Pape, Beaucasetl and Vieux Telegraphe have for a long time being considered two of the most reliable producers for this special wine town. Marcoux, is another of our favourites. This is a special offer from a great vintage and all wines selected we feel are great examples of their style. ALEX WILCOX