Spanish Autumn Wines 2017

It seems we are in seasonal limbo at the moment and, typically for Melbourne, we've probably had the most consistent run of sunny days in the last couple of weeks…. In Autumn.  Knowing in which direction to take your drinking style can get you flummoxed.  This weekend we're putting on a great tasting of Spanish wines that sit neatly in to that borderline realm of sunny, Summer wines that are just as comfortable for chillier Autumn days.  When and how you enjoy them depends on the serving temperature (reds included). 
Textural whites and reds at the lower end of the tannin spectrum not only mean easy, versatile drinking but also makes them perfect for cheese matching.  Tannin and cheese are traditional enemies but if you opt for low tannin, fruit-intense reds, you'll find matches made in heaven.
Join us on Saturday for what should be a spectacular tasting from different corners of Spain plus Olivia at Harper and Blohm will have a vast array of Spanish cheeses on tasting to match.  Anke, PWSE