Staff Picks Sydney 2017

Every year we taste a lot of wine. Many of the things we get to see are very good, some are great and a few are sublime. While it is often not possible to say what the greatest wine we may have drunk over a 12-month period may be, it is possible to narrow down the field and select some of those wines that pushed our buttons in 2017.

The conditions for selection are as follows: the wine must be available and… well that’s it. Each staff member has selected a wine which for whatever reason, made them go back for more this year... the result is an eclectic mix from around the world.

To be quite candid this is an incredible line up. Every wine here has something to say for itself, which is reassuring, as all the staff and customers obviously love wines with personality. This is a great tasting, it’s possible we’ve saved the best for last year.

The wines have been arranged according to the Store locations. Each store will have its own staff’s wines on tasting.

Enjoy and thanks for another great year. Without your support, we would be unemployed.