Stars of the Loire

Loire wines are greatly appreciated locally and in Paris, but—with the famous exceptions of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé—are still widely underrated outside France. JANCIS ROBINSON

Jancis is right in saying that the wines of the Loire Valley are underappreciated; this is especially true for Australia. The region is massive but generally the whites are fresh and in several cases make for some truly memorable, classic food matches. At their peak, they can be incredibly long-lived. The same can't often be said about Loire reds, made again in a fresh and ready-to-drink style but there is an extra push for quality in recent years that sees some great examples coming our way; in particular Chinon rouge made from 100% of a grape that is gaining increasing popularity locally: Cabernet Franc. PWS

We have managed to source some seriously good wines from the Loire and are offering these wines as part of our Stars of the Loire tasting in Sydney.